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I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Paul Thomas' Trainings on 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' and these were, unquestionably, among the best trainings, I ever had in my life !!!. His in-depth knowledge in NLP as well as vast experience in the field of counseling, one to one coaching were quite evident throughout his classes. These have made him capable of clearing all the doubts of participants by explaining examples from the case studies of his counseling life.The proven therapy techniques of NLP have helped me to look into myself and to reframe the areas, which needed some dusting & fine-tuning. Various vivid methods, I learned from Dr. Paul Thomas during his trainings, starting from 'Basics' through 'Skill Mastery' to 'Master Practitioners', have become precious assets for me in reframing myself as well as in counseling and motivating my employees in my professional career. English translation of a Chinese proverb goes like "Don't give me fish, but show me how to fish", but Dr. Paul Thomas does both. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and strongly recommend his trainings as a must for the people, who want to reframe themselves and come up in life. Regards, Shafi K.P. Directors - Group Human Resources

Shafi K.P

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Thank you for the amazing power packed sessions. I should admit that every session (in the basic as well as master practitioner course) gave me new insights and helped me tune my behavior, thoughts, feelings and attitude towards others into a fashion that I desired them to be. Its effect has not faded to lure me into further thoughts about the human life and its meaning. I dream and shall continue to heal myself and many others in this journey. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge you had imparted onto us. Raheena 


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Dear Dr.Paul after finishing your NLP course it change my life a lot nlp really change my personal life,family life,and my social life NLP really works magically. thank you very much. with all the best wishers.... Dr.Ahamed shafi Dental surgeon,Payyanur. 

Dr. Ahammed Shafi

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I was Smoking 25 Sigerats a day for the past 30 years. Every attempt to break the habit was in vain. The applications like, advices /methods / procedures that I learned from Psychologist, hypnotherapist, other mind control centers, self help books could not help me to get out of the unhealthy habit. It was in one of the NLP Masters Practitioner sessions conducted by Dr.Paul Thomas of Minds Eye Consultancy International that the miracle cure happened. I became a non smoker and it was witness by forty NLP Trainers. I am obliged and indebted to Dr.Paul Thomas, as I have been non smoker for the past 2 years since then. P.C Chandran, Tax Practitioner, + 91 9847638663 

Mr. P.C. Chandran

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The recent NLP Master Practitioner workshop held in Abu Dhabi was a knowledge and skill packed days where I felt invaluable investment for my future enlightened life. Dr. Paul s training methodology was highly interactive and had full of real life experiences. The workshop contributed significant knowledge and skills and was a real transformation on my NLP journey. I had the Eureka moments at many of the terms and techniques taught and practiced during the program. The real life cases, examples and solutions had tremendous impact on internalizing the learning. He shared some quick tools which were developed by himself with provided instant results during the sessions itself. The workshop equipped me with a good set of developed tools, therapy experiences and exposure. Looking forward to serving the community with the acquired knowledge and eagerly waiting for the next stages of NLP journey with Dr. Sir and his wisdom. I strongly recommend Dr. Pauls NLP Training Programs to anyone

Dileep Abdul Razack

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